Sports and games help develop in children initiative, decision taking, endurance, skill, team spirit and emulation. They build up confidence in their strength and a parallel consideration for the weakness of others.
  • Physical training, games and sports are compulsory activities of the School curriculum.
  • A medical certificate by an authorised/M.B.B.S. doctor must be produced if a pupil needs exemption from physical training or games.
  • Those students exempted from physical training or games must be with the class during P. T. periods.
  • The Games Referee is the sole authority on the games field and his/her decision is final.
  • Habitual lack of punctuality, disobedience to the Referee or Games Captain or unsporting behaviour displayed on the field are sufficient reasons to suspend a player from games and if the offence is serious the player will be disqualified from the Inter-House or Inter-School matches.
  • Students participating in Inter-House or Inter-School matches and athletics must take special care to apply themselves more diligently to their studies.