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Principal's Message 2021 till date

“Men say women cannot have as much rights as men, because Christ wasn’t a woman. Where did Christ come from? From God and a woman. Men had nothing to do with him.” - Sojourner Truth (at a speech in Acorn, Ohio, USA in 1851).

Call her Nirbhaya, call her Damini…..or call her by any other name. She is a symbol of woman hood. Outraging her modesty has not s hamed her or thousand others like her who have shed tears in darkness or have fought lonely battles in a system which provides ample loopholes to the perpetrators of these heinous acts to get away scot free. It has shamed the society which allows such acts to take place. 16 December 2012 has laid bare some facts of life which we tend to brush under the carpet.

Firstly, we are a nation with double standards. We put those on pedestals whom we fear the most, and tread upon those who are physical ly weak and do not retaliate or nee dour love.

Secondly, all the girls who break their shackles to achieve their dreams are sneered at and discouraged and the self styled moral poli ce (there are many in all communities.) will go to any ridiculous length to stop them.

Thirdly the ‘mother’ is a very misused term. Every woman was, is or will be a mother – may be not biologically but in many different ways. The world depends upon and is indebted to her form life, nurturing, education, and protection. Raping a woman (every 6.2 minu tes in our country to be precise) is systematically ringing the death knell of the nation- the very fiber of the society. A nation which cannot respect its women the life givers the “mothers”, can never survive or flourish.

Being in the field of education, wonder where have faltered? Why do we have the Nirbhayas or other faceless souls burning in the ago ny and trauma of physical or mental abuse?

Education has to perhaps look beyond percentages, Ivy League, entrance exams and first pay packets. Education is, sensitizing the so ciety to the human aspects of life which we are rapidly forgetting. Respect, chivalry, compassion are now words read in books, prea ched but never practiced.

‘Women’s empowerment’ and Women’s rights’ are terms bandied about by political parties to garner votes and not as a solution to gende r discrimination.

Let us all pledge to make our girls physically strong, mentally robust morally upright and self reliant individuals. Let them be awar e of all their duties as well as rights and fearlessly win back what has been denied to them – some very things- respect and safety.

Sister Alice Chammanath
CJM, Dehradun

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