Convent Of Jesus & Mary Dehradun, Best ICSE School In Dehradun

St. Claudine Thevenet
Mother Foundress of the Congregation of
Jesus & Mary

"Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and diligence"


Senior School

The academic year will be divided into two terms and the final results will be declared in March. The performance in all examinations and tests will be considered to decide promotion. Pupils must secure 40% marks in each subject to pass. They must have ninety percent (90%) attendance for the year in order to be promoted.

  • A serious view will be taken of those students who regularly absent themselves from Class Tests/Unit Tests.
  • The Pre-Board Examinations are compulsory for Class X and XII and the papers for these classes will be on the Board pattern.
  • (a) In order to be declared "Passed" at the end of a session of a class, a student must pass in English and Hindi (VI - X) and in English (XI - XII). In addition, she must not fail in more than two subjects and in those she must secure a minimum of 30% marks.
    (b) For promotion to Class IX from Class VIII, students must secure a pass in Mathematics, English, Hindi and Sanskrit.
    (c) A student in class IX and XI must not fail in more than one subject and in that she must secure a minimum of 30% marks. She must have a clear pass in English and Hindi.
  • Students failing twice in the same class have to discontinue their studies in the School.
  • Students absent from an examination for any reason are not re-examined and those absent from an examination without a serious reason will be considered as having failed. In the case of illness, an authorised/M.B.B.S. doctor's certificate has to be produced.
  • Absence from the whole examination involves a total loss of marks
  • Absence from one or more papers involves the loss of marks for these subjects and excludes the pupil from obtaining a grade or merit card.
  • Any pupil found using dishonest means during examinations and tampering with reports of the examination (forging signatures, changing marks etc.) will result in the student being expelled from School
  • A pupil's annual attendance may also be considered for promotion in case of absence from tests.
  • Passing in C.F. examination is compulsory for promotion.

Junior School

  • No formal examination will be conducted in Pre-Primary Section and classes I, II and III.
  • Promotion is decided on the basis of continuous evaluation and daily progress in oral and written work.
  • Classes IV and V will have two exams and four tests.
  • For Classes up to V the following grading system is used for academic subjects:
A+ Outstanding 90 - 100 %
A Excellent 80 - 89 %
B+ Very Good 70 - 79 %
B Good 60 - 69 %
C+ Average 50 - 59 %
C Needs Improvement 40 - 49 %
F Fail Below 40 %