Convent Of Jesus & Mary Dehradun, Best ICSE School In Dehradun

St. Claudine Thevenet
Mother Foundress of the Congregation of
Jesus & Mary

"Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and diligence"

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Pre Primary Tutorial 2020 Event Date: 31-May-2020 Updated On: 31-May-2020 Total Video(s): 1 Description: Pre Primary Tutorial 2020...
Previous Album(s)
    Event Date: 29-Aug-2018
    Updated On: 3-Sep-2018
    Total Video(s): 2
    Event Date: 14-Aug-2018
    Updated On: 14-Aug-2018
    Total Video(s): 3
    Event Date: 6-Aug-2018
    Updated On: 6-Aug-2018
    Total Video(s): 1
  • Inter School Music...
    Event Date: 27-Jul-2018
    Updated On: 30-Jul-2018
    Total Video(s): 2
  • CJM SCHOOL TOUR 2017...
    Event Date: 14-Nov-2017
    Updated On: 1-Jan-2018
    Total Video(s): 1
    Event Date: 26-Jan-2016
    Updated On: 26-Jan-2016
    Total Video(s): 3
    Event Date: 15-Aug-2015
    Updated On: 15-Aug-2015
    Total Video(s): 1
  • Children's day...
    Event Date: 14-Nov-2014
    Updated On: 14-Nov-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
  • Dussehra Celebration...
    Event Date: 1-Oct-2014
    Updated On: 1-Oct-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
  • Pre-Primary Annual...
    Event Date: 29-Sep-2014
    Updated On: 29-Sep-2014
    Total Video(s): 7
  • Junior Teacher's Day...
    Event Date: 5-Sep-2014
    Updated On: 5-Sep-2014
    Total Video(s): 5
  • Hindi Dramatized...
    Event Date: 26-Aug-2014
    Updated On: 26-Aug-2014
    Total Video(s): 3
  • Folk Dance...
    Event Date: 23-Aug-2014
    Updated On: 23-Aug-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
  • Dramatized hindi...
    Event Date: 21-Aug-2014
    Updated On: 21-Aug-2014
    Total Video(s): 3
  • Senior Independence...
    Event Date: 15-Aug-2014
    Updated On: 15-Aug-2014
    Total Video(s): 1
  • Janmashtimi Utsav...
    Event Date: 14-Aug-2014
    Updated On: 14-Aug-2014
    Total Video(s): 1
  • Junior Independence...
    Event Date: 14-Aug-2014
    Updated On: 14-Aug-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
    Event Date: 30-Jul-2014
    Updated On: 30-Jul-2014
    Total Video(s): 2
  • English Dramatized...
    Event Date: 24-Jul-2014
    Updated On: 24-Jul-2014
    Total Video(s): 3
  • Sr.Gracy Farewell
    Event Date: 15-May-2014
    Updated On: 15-May-2014
    Total Video(s): 1
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